About Partnering

About Partnering
In Farzaneh Arman company, we think it is possible to create brighter future and new opportunities through partnering and cooperating with other companies. We are eager to work in research, developing and producing in laboratory diagnostic products and medical products according to our main capabilities and strengths as below:

- The most important point of our company's strength are our people's cultures include responsibility to our values, interpersonal skills, team working, relevant work experience and etc.

- Our innovative research and developing team can design and manufacturing new products and their relevant process making by ourselves include injection molds, automatic production lines, investigating of biotechnology and chemical formulation of laboratory reagents and etc.

- Our sales and marketing team established customer relationship management and have an integrated agencies network in all province of Iran.

- We implemented some of the latest systems in our company include ISO 13485 quality management system, customer relationship management system, Product lifecycle management system and etc.

- Our factory was constructed based on latest technology and it is located in center of Iran which can cover 80 million Iran's market and significant market share of Middle East.

- We have a flexible and open strategy to cooperate in research, developing and producing in laboratory diagnostic products, medical products and biotechnology in Iran and other countries.

For more information about partnering you can contact us or email your request.

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