We understand what the business is trying to accomplish and the leadership team have set out clear goals on a sustainable basis to manage our company effectively and successfully. To measure our progress toward our strategic plan, we define some key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitor them on a regular basis to sure the business is in the right path.

Some of the most important of our KPIs include Customer Satisfaction, Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Turnover Rate, Total Cost Productivity, Percentage of Product Defects, Employee Satisfaction, Profit Margin, Revenue Gross Rate, Average Order Value and etc.

• Growth
We want to be leadership manufacturer in the Middle East for producing Blood collection test tubes and Laboratory centrifuge device and also our aim is to investigate on latest knowledge of diagnostics methods especially non-invasive diagnostic methods.

• Customer satisfaction
We want to create the most satisfying experience for our customer and our target is to reach 70 % of our customers repeat their purchase.

• Total cost productivity
Our aim is to reach 10% to 20% for total cost productivity in a year.

• Capital efficiency
Our target is to achieve 20% to 30% for capital efficiency of our company.

• Profit margin
We have set profit margin based on the profitability of the most relevant competitors to keep the sustainability of the business.