Strategic Framework

At Farzaneh Arman Co., Ltd., we defined comprehensive strategic framework in order to achieving company's goals and guarantee for long-term success. The most important components of our strategy framework are including leadership model, company's focus, organizational culture and products and services differentiation.

- Leadership model
We have implemented comprehensive leadership model to enable us for more sustainable company. This model consists of planning, directing, controlling, organizing and enhancing personal effectiveness that affect all part of company.
• To planning, we make the strategic thinking in all sectors of company through planning of tactical plans, projects and coordinating of activities.
• To directing, we lead teams and following main procedures of company by assigning, monitoring and evaluating works
• To controlling, to understand whether we are taking the right path toward our strategic plan, we define some key performance indicators (KPI) include Customer Satisfaction, Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Turnover Rate, Total Cost Productivity , Percentage Of Product Defects, Employee Satisfaction, Profit Margin, Revenue Gross Rate, Average Order Value and etc.
• To organizing, we create an integrated structure for managing company's process and people to achieving our strategic goals.
• To enhancing personal effectiveness, we try to focus on organizational culture and their social relationship through enriching team working, negotiation and conflict management, increasing flexibility and adaptability, training of problem solving and decision making.

- Company's focus
We believe that our customers must feel more secure about our products when they use them as far as the most satisfying experience stay in their mind forever. Profitable growth is based on an understanding of customers' requirements and on their proximity. We focus to know our customers' needs. For this reason, we are concentrating our efforts on evaluating customers' challenges over lifecycle time of our products and then finding their root-cause solutions through implementing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) in our company.

- Organizational culture
Superior companies are created by excellent employees; one of the most important sectors of our strategy framework is based on existing right culture throughout company's people like a unique soul in the organization. For this purpose, we strived to talk about ownership values, mission and vision and we defined our responsibilities and our commitment to each other and to our customers. Now we enjoying work together and love what we do.

- Products and services differentiation
We believe that we must make excellent values to our customers through providing profitable products and distinguish services from others. The most important criteria of product differentiation are defined features, performance, innovation, price, user friendly, efficiency and efficacy. Furthermore, just products differentiation is not adequate alone to the most satisfying customers' experience. We focus on providing superior services and supporting elements include fast delivery, responsibly guarantee and warrantee services, best technical services, sufficient training, effective relationship to our customer and etc.
Strategic Framework