We generate our core values by asking the question "Why we are working?" entire organization.
Finally we find its answer. We find out that we must be responsible for the excellence in everything that we do. We believe our work and love what we do.

Our company is responsible to help to improve the health of people and provide leading innovations and solutions for today and the future.

Our employees are responsible to work with respect towards each other. We defined essential values of our employees based on integrity, collaboration, teamwork and caring about each other. We are all accountable for company's culture and try to make wise use of time and resources of the company.

Our research and development team are responsible for finding innovative solutions to meet critical needs of our consumers. We are encouraged to challenge ourselves for continues improvement in all parts of organization.

Our sales and service team are responsible for creating the best experience from the moment of buying our products until using them in all life cycle time of products. We focus to know our customers' needs and then finding customers' challenges and their root cause solutions.

Our quality control team is responsible for superior quality to satisfy our customers beyond their expectations. We believe that all manufacturing team must commitment to highest standards of quality and strive to producing best products. We continuously eliminate nonconforming products in every process of production.