Clot Activator tube

Vacuum blood collection system is known as the safest method to draw blood directly. FAR TEST Clot activator tubes (serum tubes) are used for biochemistry and immunology tests of blood specimen. Tube walls is coated with silicon layer which causes faster clotting blood specimen and and avoiding hemolysis effect. The serum of blood is separated through centrifuging of clotted blood effectively.

Specimen: Clot activator tube
Additive: Silica layer
Tube type: PET (plastic)
Tube size (mm): 13 x 75, 13 x 100, 16 x 100
Draw volume (ml): 1 - 10
Cap color: red
Max vacuum degree tolerance: +/- 10%
Exam Items: Serum immunology and serum biochemistry testing.


- Reliable results by precise mixing ratio of additives and drawn blood.
- The safety cap and rubber stopper are combined together perfectly to keep vacuum.
- The blood cells don’t stick to side of tube walls and avoiding hemolysis effect.
- Technicians' protection against transmitting of microbial contamination through closed blood drawing system.
- Clear and unbreakable PET plastic tube and high quality Butyl-Rubber stopper.
- Rapid and accurate drawing system compared to open blood collection.

Usage condition:

- Invert the tube for 5-10 times gently.
- Wait to complete coagulation after 15-30 minutes.
- Centrifuge at 3000-3500 rpm for 10 minutes.
- Separate serum carefully by syringe.
Serum immunology and serum biochemistry testing.
Clot Activator tube